Winning Screentime

Hi, I'm Patrick,

and I love to help parents design structures and processes that allow children to thrive in the digital world.

 I'm passionate about helping caregivers find winning screentime strategies that foster healthier kids and happier homes.  Families are bombarded with messages about how screens are ruining a generation. But if parents are engaged, empathetic, and intentional, they can set boundaries, create safe spaces, and mentor their children so everyone thrives both on and offline.

Screentime Parenting and Safety Audit

There is no manual for how to parent, let alone one written for parenting in an always-on, interconnected, digital world. In this audit we will focus on keeping our children safe while online and mentoring and guiding them towards healthy balanced screen use.  This audit features a short survey followed by a 40 minute coaching conversation. We will look at your current realities around quantity and quality of screen time, reflect on your family values, boundaries, and expectations all while identifying strengths and areas of opportunity in regards to internet safety. 

Upon completion of the audit you will…

Phone Launch Audit

It is inevitable: Your child is going to ask for a phone. Deciding if your child is ready is only part of the equation. In this audit, we will examine YOUR readiness alongside that of your child. This audit offers a short survey followed by a 40 minute coaching conversation where we will support conversations to have, boundaries to establish, and technical safety and security features to enable that assist you in successfully guiding your child into this new phase of life.

Whether you are close to a phone launch with a child, or you already launched and want to consider ways to adjust your approach, this audit will help you...

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"Every time I talk to Patrick, I come away with a new idea."

 - Dave, dad to two


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Personalized Coaching Conversation

Whether its a follow-up to an audit,  you've got burning questions about a specific topic, or you just need another parent to troubleshoot your latest screentime parenting challenge - we've got you covered. When you sign up for a Personalized Coaching Conversation, you'll be prompted to provide context for the discussion and a desired outcome.

"I'm on a mission to help caregivers guide and mentor their children towards developing a healthy relationship with technology. "

- Patrick Green