Bring Patrick to your school community.

Patrick speaks globally on digital wellness, parenting, screentime and digital citizenship. He customizes his presentations to fit the needs of school-communities. This write-up of a 3-day consulting visit with International School of Prague highlights some of the workshops offered.

Patrick Green is first and foremost a dad to a teenager. He is also an education technology leader spending the last 20 years supporting families as they navigate the questions and challenges that come with digital technologies in the home. Patrick helps families design structures and processes that allow children to thrive in the digital world. His hands-on workshops empower parents and caregivers to mentor their children towards healthy relationships with technology.

Patrick is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and YouTube consultant. An author of two books at the intersection of technology and learning, Patrick is launching an action oriented book on winning screen-time strategies for caregivers soon. You can find Patrick on Linkedin or email him at

Example Workshop and Presentation Descriptions

Plugged in Parenting: Empowering Students to Thrive Online and Offline (Full Day Parent Workshop)

In today's digital age, children are growing up in a world where technology is an integral part of their daily lives. As parents, it's essential to understand the potential risks and harms of excessive screen time and social media use, as well as how to create the conditions for our children to thrive both online and offline. This full-day workshop is designed to provide parents with the knowledge and tools to confidently support and mentor their children towards healthy relationships with technology. Throughout the day, we explore the following objectives:

Through a combination of learning experiences, group discussions, and hands-on activities, parents will leave with practical tools and resources for raising digital natives who can confidently navigate the digital world while staying healthy and safe.

The Truth About Screen-Time (2-hour parent Keynote)

In this fast-paced, interactive experience we separate fact from fiction while looking at the latest studies on issues such as technology addiction, gaming, cyberbullying, and anxiety. We will explore practical parenting strategies and mindsets for talking with your child and promoting healthy digital habits and positive online behavior. You will leave with a toolkit of resources to help you connect with your child and create a healthier and more balanced digital world for your family.

Smartphone Relationship Reboot: Reduce Distractions and Increase Intentional Use of your Mobile Device (1-hr faculty workshop)

Our personal technology habits are just as essential to our wellness as healthy eating and routine exercise. This interactive session invites you to participate in a Smartphone Relationship Reboot. Your phone can better serve your wellness, amplify your interests, and support your goals. In this session, you will learn how to make your phone “less attractive and less distractive,” while considering intentional and healthy technology habits that will empower you to be in control of your phone, instead of feeling overwhelmed by it. 

MS Digital Wellness Assembly: "Why Your Parents Are Freaking Out About Your Screentime, and What You Can Do About It," (1-hr MS Keynote)

This presentation for Middle Schoolers reviews the myriad of reasons parents are currently “freaking-out” about screentime. Along the way, students learn strategies that tweens and teens are successfully using to avoid screentime pitfalls and have a balanced healthy relationship with technology. Additionally, students plan for productive conversations with caregivers about their tech use that help build trust and respect.

HS Digital Wellness Assembly: "Who is Controlling Your Scrolling?"  (1-hr HS Keynote)

"Who Is Controlling Your Scrolling?" is a presentation that delves into the various ways technology can consume our time and distract us from our goals; it offers practical tools to counteract these effects. Participants will take part in an experiment that will help them to reflect on their phone use and social media habits while considering how they might use their devices more mindfully and effectively.  Finally, we'll share ideas for small changes that can have a huge impact on our health, focus, and even our future employability.