Patrick Green

I’m Patrick Green, a dad, and former teacher turned Screentime Strategist.

 As a  technology leader in schools for over 15 years I supported countless parents as they struggled with navigating the questions and challenges that come along with digital technologies in the home. I don’t believe in the doom and gloom that the media constantly churns out about how technology is destroying a generation of kids. In fact, my experience is the opposite. I regularly speak with parents who are finding ways to help their children not only navigate our complex digitally-connected world, but thrive in it.  And that’s what I’d like to share with you - how engaged and intentional parents can guide and mentor their children towards developing a healthy relationship with technology. 

Coming Soon: The Winning Screentime Book

I am an educator who has experience working with students, families, and schools on five continents and across diverse situations. I’ve been a part of public and private institutions and supported individual families as well as crowds of a thousand. I’ve seen patterns, I’ve interviewed practitioners, and I’ve watched the implementation of strategies. 

My hope is that this book says, “Here’s what a wide range of parents are trying out there--and is working. I want us to be scared less and empowered more. I want you to feel like you have something tangible to try. Facebook feeds and headlines are filled with scare-tactic articles that convince you predators are going to steal your babies and screens are going to keep your child living in your basement well into their 40s. I’d like to replace the anxiety-fueling clutter in our lives with concrete steps to take and strategies to try. I’d like you to have a confidence boosting toolkit. I’d like you to have a thriving, creative, healthy child. This book is action oriented; it is about what you could DO. And it will be available in late 2024!

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"I'm on a mission to help caregivers guide and mentor their children towards developing a healthy relationship with technology. "

- Patrick Green